Escape from Tarkov: The Last Guide To Factory Map For Beginner, 2021

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In Escape from Tarkov, The Factory is quite a straightforward map truly popular for its PvP gameplay. The Factory will be the smallest plus the most dynamic of all maps. To become productive on this map, you'll want to have an aggressive mindset. It offers many enclosed and semi-opened areas with quite a few elevated spots that market fast-paced, close-quarters engagements. This short article was the total Guide to Customs Map, 2021. Through this guide, players can better comprehend the detailed details from the Factory map.

Escape from Tarkov: The Last Guide To Factory Map For Beginner, 2021

This map is one of a kind since even though it's tiny, it has many unique levels to explore. It options many tunnels running beneath the principal factory floor and a handful of upper levels, which have decent loot and grants a great line of sight for the level. The tunnels may be applied to swiftly navigate the map or set up ambushes and escape gun battles. The offices and upper floors are wonderful for scouting the map and spotting other players; however, they usually do not have many covers.

The map is pretty effectively divided into three sections. The northern section has two extended tanks usually named boilers by the players. The northern section also has the cellars and gate three extraction points. The central section is in the center of your map exactly where the pit plus the majority of your railway are situated. The center section tends to become quite busy all through the raid, so sticking around for any longer than it's important to generally is not a fantastic notion. The southern section includes many blue shipping containers and a smaller green wall separating it from the central section with a walkway operating together with it. The wall with all the walkways is commonly known as the stage by players. The southern section is also the gate 0 extraction point location, weapon crates, and armor spawn.



There are essentially surprisingly pretty a handful of thrilling locations to explore inside Tarkov's Factory complicated, unique if you like finding shots from just about every single corner from the map; here are a handful of in the fascinating places. If you want to make more money Escape from Tarkov Currency/Roubles, this map is a good choice.

PvE Area / Container Space

This region owes its name for the fact that you might typically spawn ideal right here for all those who queue to get a Single-Player Raid (this mechanic makes locating out the spawns added challenging as you may not only enter and exit a PvE Raid a variety of occasions to ascertain spawning areas). It seriously is undoubtedly one of the substantially far more open places within the Factory. On the ground floor, you will find various blue containers that provide some cover (and have some loot inside them) as well as numerous smaller-sized obstacles which you can hide behind. In case you go up the stairs, you can reach the second level or maybe climb as significantly as the rafters. The rafters provide wonderful vantage points that overlook the complete region, but you are rather exposed to them whenever you stand on them. There are locked doors in the southern part of the location (Factory Essential required) with an extraction point behind them. 


Factory's Main Hall, simply recognizable by three massive silos on the ground level. This region characteristics lots of elevated spots, which includes silo roofs, catwalks, and the Overpass, which tends to make it extremely risky (you simply cannot watch all angles at when and the possibility of becoming shot here is extremely higher), but in addition creates lots of ambush opportunities. The metal staircase that leads down in the Overpass is frequently called "stripper". 


That is exactly where the Factory's management employees resided. Because it is common in workplace locations scattered around Tarkov, there may be anything worth hidden here. Sadly, this office's door has been breached already which, probably means that any secret Terra Group documents that have been right here are already gone. Also, Scavs are identified for working with the office's window as an escape route from the Factory (Workplace Window is often a Scav-only extraction point). You may generally run into other players in this region, mainly because of its central place. 

The offices share walls with each section on the map. Entrances are usually located around the northern finish with the southern section, the northwestern end of your central section, plus the southwestern finish of the northern section. When you enter the central section close to the pit and the railway, you'll discover a weapon crate on the stairs major as much as the second floor. Be careful when moving involving floors, as some players will try hiding inside the stairwells.

The second floor is taken up just about totally by a locker room with an adjoining bathroom. In the event you enter the locker room in the northern door, it is possible to obtain medicine inside the bottom of a locker just to your proper. If you search the lockers along the northern wall, you can find the west 306 essential needed to quest Shoreline. The crucial is in the bottom of a locker close to the middle in the wall. Around the southern side in the floor in the adjoining bathroom, you could locate guns and ammo spawns inside the lockers against the southern wall.

Around the major floor is often a hallway using a stairwell on every end. The southern side of the hallway has a hole within the wall overlooking the stage. The shelves within the hallway can have some rare loot spawn, such as bitcoins. Inside the big room with all the office window extraction are some filing cabinets that could be looted. Armor can also spawn on the prime of the filing cabinets. Beneath the desk within the corner close to the extraction is secure that loads of players try and run straight to in the course of a hatchet run. North of your space with the scav extraction and safe is often a breachable door. There is no bit in the area aside from some ammo, but it is necessary for quests later in the game. South with the breachable door is a white door that cannot be breached or opened normally. You'll need the factory exit essential to enter its space which can be excellent for looting. The area can have car or truck batteries, a weapon spawn, and some other decent loot. The locked room is also employed for a quest later within the game.

Breach Room

A room that may be adjacent towards the Factory's Workplace. The doors that lead to are closed. However, they are breachable (hence the room's nickname "Breach Room"). There is not significantly loot here; however, it is a quest place. Space is also connected directly to the Workplace through a second door. Please note that if this room's doors are breached, there may be a person camping inside (also, for those who hear the door getting breached, it may be an indicator that someone is right here). The corridor outdoors on the Breach Room is fairly unsafe, as players tend to undergo it. 

Locker Space

Factory's locker room, now applied as Scav's hideout because of its reinforced door. The Factory Exit Key [Factory Key] is needed to access this region. As the majority of the locked away locations, the Factory's Locker Room options an above-average loot. This can be fairly a dangerous region since it is in the middle of your Factory along with the corridor that connects the PvE Area with all the Machine Space (by way of the Overpass). 


Factory's sanitary area. This is exactly where the normal factory workers placed on their uniforms and showered soon after their shift has ended to wash any chemicals off themselves after a challenging day at perform. It's split into three sub-areas:

  • Lockers (northern component, as well as the first you get into in the event you go from the Overpaasse's side). 
  • Showers (the middle part)
  • Sinks (southern aspect from the location, plus the initially you get into for those who make use of the staircase inside the PvE/Container Room). 

Fork Lifts

This area is named following various Fork Lifts, previously applied in Factory's halls, parked (or rather abandoned) right here. There's not a lot of note here, except one of the most annoying spawns on the entire map: If you spawn behind the red gate (spawn is situated inside an area in between two red gates), take into consideration your self unlucky and leave the region as quickly as you possibly can or threat being sieged by other players devoid of any escape route (advancing towards the Fork Lift room provides you several escape choices and a lot, a lot much more cover). If you have the Factory Exit Crucial, it is possible to access an underground extraction point from right here (visit tunnels and unlock the reinforced door around the ideal). 

Pumping Station

This is exactly where pumps that were supplying the Factory with water along with the ones that pumped out the chemical waste are positioned. To access this location, you'll require the Door Key [Key] that is certainly labeled as "pumping station" (it might be looted in the Factory's locker area, which can be very handy, however, the key does not have too higher of a spawn possibility). That is an optional quest place for the "Sanitary Requirements - Component 1" Therapist's quest since it contains a Gas Analyzer spawn. 


One of the main rooms inside of the Tarkov's chemical Factory complex, named soon after the two massive "generators" sitting within the middle of it. Just as the PvE/Containers Area, this single offers some cover on the ground level and numerous possibilities to have the higher ground, like rafters that could be accessed by means of the "Overpass" (via the workplace area). There are various spawns about this region (like just about everywhere on the map), so you need to be on your toes right from the get started when you spawn right here. 


The Factory has a massive tunnel program operating underneath it. Several of the spawns are located inside the tunnels creating higher traffic areas early into raids. Most knowledgeable players possess the spawn points for this map memorized and can target the tunnel spawn points as swiftly as you can. If you spawn within the tunnels, there is a pretty good opportunity you will have other players spawning on either side of you. For those who have a decent loadout, you can attempt charging them or hunkering down and fighting it out, but it is usually greater to bug out and onto the key factory floor ahead of you get swept up inside a firefight.

Tunnel entrances might be found in every section of the map. In the northern section, there are actually two entrances close to the eastern wall. Inside the wall in the north corner of your forklift area is a stairwell that goes down into the tunnels. The same stairwell has the cellars extract ideal behind it. Facing the eastern wall, there is a ramp down into the tunnels for the appropriate. This set of tunnels will dump you out into the reduced location of your pet.

Within the central section, there's a tunnel entrance at the southern end of the railway. This tunnel leads under the eastern wall of the southern section. It will dump you out inside the loading dock for the gate 0 extracts or underneath the stage inside the southern section.


An upper catwalk runs along the outside of every on the boundary walls on the map and over the boilers, tanks, and along with numerous on the central rafters. You'll find stairways that access this area discovered all more than the map, and it might grant you some good vantage points for some mid-range marksmanship. The major issue with all the catwalks is there is hardly any cover. On the catwalk over the tanks in the central section of the map is a further modest tank that could be applied as cover but only temporarily as players can fire at you from straight under.

There's a wrecked hallway attached for the catwalk just north in the tanks, which can be applied as cover. However, it can also be an excellent place to chuck grenades. If you see someone heading towards the hallway, try lobbing a grenade in by way of one of many open windows to catch them off guard. Should you be inside the hallway being shot at, sprint for the end since it drops out into the offices plus the northern section on the map on the other side.


This area is pretty hard to miss as it is made up of three big tanks smack inside the middle in the center section of your map. The pit is created up of three tall tanks using a pit surrounding them—the pit doubles as an entrance for the tunnels. If you head down the stairs into the pit, you'll discover tunnel entrances on the southwestern and northeastern walls. They connect the tunnels towards the other two sections on the map. Dropping down into the pit is usually a good technique to escape from a firefight, but you will possibly take some damage around the way down.

Some players will camp on the catwalks above the pit to choose off players leaving the offices by way of the hallway around the second level. On occasions, they will also make use of the catwalks to camp on best on the tanks inside the pit.


Inside the central section after the pit is a railway that runs the length of the map. On the southern finish of it's a ramp leading down into the tunnels. When you adhere to the rails north, you'll run into a barrier made of some fencing and some barbed wire. You could hop more than the barbed wire, but it will take a little damage. Should you stick to the rails north into the northern section, you'll have the boilers in your appropriate as well as the gate three extracts on your left.


The boilers are around the northern finish with the map. They may be two tanks appropriate in the middle with the northern section. For anyone facing the boilers in the southern wall, the gate three extraction plus the railway will be on your left, and there will be a pumping station on your right. The boilers themselves aren't super important with regards to loot but are a terrific reference point on the map. The boilers may also supply some decent cover within a firefight in the event you need to escape. The main factor to watch out for around the boilers is campers potentially hiding out close to the gate three exits hoping to choose off people attempting to leave.

Pumping Station

The pumping station is in the northern section on the map across from the engine for the boilers and straight southeast from the boilers. The area is locked and requires a door crucial to become opened. The crucial is often identified in jackets and within the pockets and bags of scavs. It also spawns on a bench within the locker area. The bench is inside a modest location amongst the locker space and the bathroom up against a wall.

The pumping station can have gas analyzers; however, it is the finest utilized to farm bleach for therapist quests.


This map is fantastic for scav farming, in particular when you are in a squad. This map can spawn both typical scavs as well as the much more sophisticated scav raiders. The scavs on this map ordinarily spawn in and roam around for about 15 minutes.

There is a small fenced-in region just north of your pit and against the eastern wall with the section. This fenced-in area is among the most common spawn points for scavs and scav players. There is not a great deal of loot in the scav spawn location, so there is not truly a lot of point in fighting via them to have to it.

Scavs may also spawn fairly regularly inside the tunnels. Should you are heading into the tunnels to escape a player or move regarding the map, make sure you stay conscious of your surroundings. It can be quite quick to run up on a scav by accident when looking to get away from a firefight or sneak up on a person else.


There's lots of loot to be located on this map. Nevertheless, it could be hard to get away with any as a result of the PvP concentrate. There's a great deal of loose loot within the offices; however, the greatest loot will be discovered in the crates, jackets, weapon boxes, and armor spawns. You can find green loot crates all over the map to be looted. These crates generally have ammo, weapon mods, and a few miscellaneous loots. On occasion, they're able to have small weapons like pistols and grenades.

On the northern side, with the southern section on the map, is an open blue shipping container using a crate and a few pallets inside. Occasionally chest armor can spawn inside of your container around the pallets or the crate. Inside the southern section, almost in the middle of the area, is actually a weapon crate across the stairs leading down into the tunnel. There is certainly yet another weapon crate on the stage on top of a stack of other non-lootable crates.

If you comply with the rails south towards the tunnel but head around to the left on the tunnel entrance, you are going to locate an area under a stairway. Inside the space and instantly on your left is a dead scav that you just should loot for the Postman Pat quest offered by Prapor. If you go through the offices and out the door, a backpack normally spawns quickly towards the left, close to a pile of debris.

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Factory Exit Key

This crucial is incredibly useful on this map. It unlocks an extra area within the Factory which you can enter to finish an optional objective inside the "Bad rep evidence" quest for Prapor. Aside from the quest space, this important also unlocks two extraction points inside the Factory, Gate 0 and Cellars.

The key could be discovered in jackets and within the pockets and bags of Scavs. You can also find the key around the Customs map. On Customs, the important is within the three-story dorms on the northern end of your map close to the car extraction. The essential can spawn next to the broken Tv in the guard workplace around the ground floor. To acquire into the guard office, you may need to possess the guard desk essential, which is identified inside the hand of a dead scav inside the ground floor bathroom on the two-story dorms. Verify our guide on Customs for more details on where to discover all of those areas.


  • 1. Gate 0 (ALL) - You'll need the factory exit important to use this extraction point. Gate 0 Is inside the southernmost section of the map. From anyplace on the map, just head south and west. It can be south with the red blinker, and also, the tunnels heading south can get you close, but you'll just pop out for the main level to be capable of leaving. As soon as you happen to be inside the southern section, head through the open metal door inside the southern wall embedded within the large loading dock door. You might come out in a space with some empty barrels and a different loading dock door having a red light above it. Behind the barrels is an additional metal door that is locked. Unlock this door to enter but a further room using a significant red door with a green light. This room could be the extraction point. Scav players can only undergo this door if PMC players have currently utilized it.
  • 2. Gate three (ALL) - This extraction point is open to every person and will not demand an essential. It is the only extract that may be assured to normally be open for every player around the map. As a result, it is extremely common among campers creating it a royal pain to exit via. If you are going to produce a run for this extraction point, bring some grenades to clear out any campers. The extraction point is equivalent to Gate 0. It is on the northwestern end with the map close to the boilers. For those who comply with the rails north in the pit, this extraction point will be on your left once you reach the end. There will likely be a rust-colored loading dock door with a green exit light around the wall towards the proper. There is certainly a smaller-sized door embedded within the big loading door suitable after the light. Open it, and you will enter a smaller room using a blue container. Go past the container to seek out a different door identical to a single and open it. The extraction zone is in the left corner in the subsequent region. Be cautious as you're probably going to have players following close behind you who're likely a bit miffed about any grenades you could have chucked at them earlier.
  • 3. Cellars (PMC) - This is the only PMC exclusive extract on the map, and it requires the factory exit essential. This extraction is around the northeastern side of the map. Should you comply with the railway north, turn appropriate when you hit the boilers. Go down towards the finish on the section until you see a sizable loading door with all the quantity two on it bold white paint. You should see a fenced-in area using the words "Terragroup" printed on it. Turn left, towards the northeast, and also you should see a red door just past the fenced-in region. Open it, and also you will enter an area filled with forklifts. You may also enter by way of the doors by the loading door with all the major "2" on it, but this path is additional direct. After you enter, there will be stairs instantly on your left. Head down the stairs, then turn about once that you are in the bottom. Behind the stairs just past some crates would be the door towards the extraction point.
  • 4. Camera Bunker Door (SCAV) - From the pit, adhere to the railway south down into the tunnel. The tunnel is marked together with the number 1986 around the wall above it in black paint. Follow the tunnel until it splits, then head towards the right. A little bit further down the tunnel will have an open region on your left. There will likely be two doors inside the open region. 1 door may have a blinking light as well as the other will probably be dark. The door with no light would be the extraction point.
  • 5. Office Window (SCAV) - This extraction point is on the third floor from the offices. Whenever you reach the third floor, there will likely be a hole within the wall on your suitable overlooking the south side of the map. Turn left into the hallway and open either of your initial two white painted doors in your left. These doors open into a trashed workplace area. You can find three windows, and one will probably be obstructed by debris, the other two act as the extraction point. Be conscious that this is a common spot for players to camp; throwing a grenade initially to flush everyone out might be a good idea. However, it will also alert anybody nearby of your whereabouts.

At last, Escape of Tarkov is often a challenging game using a steep learning curve. I hope that you simply have found this guide valuable and informative.

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